Slot machines are amongst the most popular casino games. A total of 34 slot machines are on offer at Golden Dragon Casino. Our wide selection of different games, consisting of Video Reel, Roulette and Video Poker machines are guaranteed to make your gaming experience exciting.

Slot Machines

Our slot machines are located on the main floor and the VIP area. There are different Ghc dominations and range of multi-denominations on the majority of slot machines available to suit your requirements.

Golden Dragon casino also offers our guests an added benefit and security with the convenience of our cashless play system. Guests do not have to carry large amounts of cash. All monies are loaded and kept on the Club M Club card. To become a member visit the Club Millionaires Tab on the website. You can apply online.

In addition to a secure, friendly and exciting atmosphere Golden Dragon Casino also offer a Wide Area Jackpot that is shared between 4 of our casinos within the Millionaires Group of Casinos in Ghana.

Cashless System

All our slots machines are linked to the DRGT online slot accounting system. This system provides our guests the opportunity to play in a cashless environment; guests also do not have to carry around cash as the card allows them this freedom. This presents our guests with convenience and security. There is no need for coins, waiting on a jackpot payout or stand in a queue at the Cash Desk in order to cash out.

All payouts and credit refills are loaded onto your Club M card electronically and is available as soon as the loaded card is inserted into any slot machine.

You can load money onto your Club M card at the Cash Desk or by your friendly casino host.

To protect your money on your card you have the option to assign a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

All amounts on your card including all winnings may be cashed out and collected at the Cash Desk at any stage during casino operating hours.

Points are also earned while playing. For a turnover of Ghc 300 you earn 1 point. Points can be used to purchase promotional draw tickets or may also be accumulated and then converted to playing credits at the slot machines and/or cashed out at Cash Desk.

New Guests

Joining is free, quick and easy. Visit the Cash Desk or Reception Desk, complete the application form with your name, surname, date of birth and contact details. Our friendly staff will register your details and issue your card immediately. Valid proof of identification may be requested.

You may also register online. Kindly do provide contact details – valid proof of identification required upon collection of your card at the Cash Desk.


  • Foreign Currency: Most major foreign currencies are accepted at the Cash Desk.
  • Credit Cards: Most major credit cards are accepted within bank authorised limits. Usage is subject to positive identification.
  • Debit Card: Maestro and Visa Electron debit cards are accepted within bank authorised limits.