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What is a TouchBet Terminal?

A TouchBet Terminal is a terminal through which Roulette can be played like playing on a slot machine.

All our TBR Terminals operates on the latest DRGT cashless system meaning that you require to obtain a Club M Membership Card and load credits to be able to play any of the slot machines on our casino floor.

This means that you, the player, can enjoy the excitement of a Roulette game, in comfort, in front of your own slots terminal. The terminal replicates the Roulette layout and a touch screen allows you to place your bets just like putting chips on the table.


How does it work?

A camera positioned above the Roulette wheel transmits the action live into your terminal. When the ball drops into the wheel, two sensor-heads detect the winning number, which is then transmitted to your terminal. The screen layout is cleared automatically and your winnings are displayed in the “win” box prior to being added directly to your existing credits.


Is playing a TouchBet Terminal the same as Roulette at a gaming table?

Yes, playing a TouchBet Terminal is exactly the same as playing at a Roulette table, the only difference is you place your bets on a screen. The odds are exactly the same and the result is decided by the ball coming to rest in the wheel.


Are there any special features?

There are many special features on a TouchBet Terminal such as:

  • The ease and comfort of your own terminal.
  • No pushing from other players trying to reach bets at the other end of the table.
  • An exciting array of “set bets”.
  • Replay last bet option.
  • A clear, easy to read, easy to use screen.
  • Visual display of the winning numbers.
  • Easy cash out.

How do I collect my winnings?

When you are ready to leave the game simply press the “cash” button and your winnings and/or remaining credits will be paid directly to your Club M Card. Should a guest want to cash out his/her winning, the Slots Cash Desk staff will verify the total value of credits on the Club M card payout the value of credits equal to the Ghana Cedi cash value payable to you.


How do I know when to bet?

The screen will alert you when it displays “place your bets” in the corner of the screen. When the ball is about to drop, the screen will show “no more bets” and the game will be locked out. You will not be able to place or remove wagers at this stage. Part of your screen display will change to a live video display of the ball dropping in the wheel. When the ball drops the winning number is highlighted and all winning bets are paid. The terminal is now ready to take bets for the next spin.


How much can I play?

You can play as much or as little as you like within the prescribed limits. You nominate the value of your chips and simply touch your preferred betting area once to play one chip, twice to play two chips etc. You may increase the value of the chips you are placing by pressing the chip increment area, for example, touching 5x would multiply by 5 the value of each chip placed.


Regular / Repeat Bets

The TouchBet Terminal also offers a “previous bet” option that allows you to play exactly the same bet, spin after spin, with one touch of the screen. Simply touch the “previous/repeat bet” area on the screen and your bets from the previous spin will be instantly replayed.

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