We have a very popular jackpot for the entire casino. Golden Dragon Casino offers our guests a Wide Area Jackpot i.e. Big Bang which runs across 4 of our operational properties in Ghana.

From our amazing treasure trove of slots excitement, embark on a mystery journey in search of Diamonds and Emeralds at Millionaires Casinos in Accra, Kumasi or Golden Dragon Casinos in Osu and Tema.


With a minimum bet of a mere 1.25Ghc the Big Bang mystery jackpot offers fabulous bonus shares after the triggers and Participating wins are proportionally defined by the Last Bet.

Domino Effects

The fun of the Big Bang jackpot never ends as the Domino effects follow. Try your luck and aim for Treasure. With a minimum bet of 2.50Ghc, enjoy the domino effects of;

45,000Ghc following the Diamond hit, with 15 Jackpots of 3000Ghc each.

30,000Ghc following the Emerald hit, with 10 Jackpots of 3000Ghc each.

Hear the Bang and feel the lucky ripples of the Dominos falling.


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