Poker Progressive

The Poker Progressive Jackpot is an exciting Jackpot side bet available at Golden Dragon Casino,Tema and starts at a base value of 15,000Ghc as a house contribution every time it is won!

The Aim of The Game

The aim of the game is not to beat the house or other players, but to bet on the strength of your own hand based on the initial 5 cards dealt to you.

How to Win

Place a GHC 10 bet on the progressive jackpot;

5 card poker – win with a qualifying hand in the first 5 cards (there is no qualification where a card is bought)

7 card poker – win with a qualifying hand, the 2 player cards and the 3 flop cards;

Any payout of a straight flush /royal flush will reduce the jackpot amount immediately;

Any simultaneous winners of the progressive jackpot holding the same combination, will share the prize money

Any misdeals will result in a hand being voided and in the event of any dispute, the management decision is final;

Terms and conditions apply and the management reserves the right to amend / end the promotion at any time.

The Poker Progressive bet gives you the chance to win on one the following combinations.

Combination                                                 Bet Ghc 10

Straight                                                           Ghc 300

Flush                                                              Ghc 600

Full House                                                     Ghc 1000

4 of a Kind                                                     Ghc 3000

Straight Flush                                               10% of Jackpot

Royal Flush                                                  100% of Jackpot



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